About Us

Quality clothing and apparel with original authentic art work from our team of illustrators as well as custom designs by them as. From sports wear to bed wear, underwear to outerwear, outdoor to indoor, formal to casual, backpacks to gym bags, leggings to jeggings, ankle socks to high socks, sandals to sneakers, dress shoes to boots, snap backs to beanies, printed art to embroidered. We’re here to provide it all here and it’s for all walks of life. We invite you to stay a returning customer because we constantly add new items. Enjoy our own anime style debuts for sub brands such as Truly Aggy, Parent Champ’s Club, Baby, Lady, Granny & Grampy Aggy’s. Not to mention our social media cameo The Blue Saga. Which features our one and only mascot of pride and joy, Bluey Marlo the Blue Marlin, in his adventures in the sea and land, far and wide.......OK.....Now that we have the Brand intro of who we are lets REALLY tell you who we are. We are a clothing company YES but more so we are a company that's sick of seeing families,people and kids suffering......What do we mean by that? Very simple, we want to help PEOPLE!!! The only way to stabilize our economies( Global) we would need to stabilize our home economy and this is where we would like to help with. We will be building our Brand to a global presence and as we do so we will be donating to organizations with our clothing and apparel but once we've gotten to the level we aim to acquire we will be assisting families and individuals learn from scratch on an in depth level of savings, credit rebuilding, work, and home purchasing but this is down the road and we're looking at the goal. There's so many mother's and father's out there that are working and taking care of their family but their homeless. There's a major issue in this and it's lack of information and this is all it is, if we knew how to better manage our finances,invest and the usefulness of it. Filing taxes as well as the difference between working class and entrepreneurs, among other things we would be further down the road of unification and abundance. We want to build family growth through therapy and much more to help the rebuilding process for our fellow man. It's not about what we can do for each other, it should be how we can do it and teach each other how to maintain it and add upon it. This is the true spirit of Blue Marlin Clothing & Apparel, keep building with us as we grow to make impacts in a positive way, More than an apparel brand.

Welcome to the new breathe of fresh air ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. THIS is the quality that makes you exhale in comfort. THIS is....Blue Marlin Clothing & Apparel......Inspired since 2004 Established after years of meticulous planning we're proudly able to say Established  in 2020.....You Will Enjoy 🌊